Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Although it may be cliche to make a list of what I'm thankful for during the Thanksgiving season, I feel that it's important for people to find what they are thankful for and take time to notice the positives in life. Sometimes I feel that around this time of year until after Christmas, people get really overwhelmed by the commercial aspects of these holidays when it should be much more than that. Yes, it's fun shopping and doing the gift stuff and all that, but it's deeper than that I think. Ever since I was young I felt this connection with Thanksgiving and Christmas because it just had this warm feeling. Everything from decorating the housewith holiday music on, to putting lights up outside with my dad every year and trying to do something really different, to the baking treats with my sister, or wrapping the gifts that I know will really surprise someone, or seeing the cheer that some people have during the holidays, or the feeling of the air when I can say "It feels like Thanksgiving/Christmas day", or watching the classic holiday movies on t.v. even though I've seen them all so many times, to the regular traditions that we've had every all gets me excited and it's hard to describe the feeling.

Anyway like I said, it's important to be thankful not only on Thanksgiving, but all the time. We get so stuck on complaining and be so negative about pretty much EVERYTHING, that we don't even take time to realize the really good things that we should appreciate.
So, here's my list of what I'm thankful for:
1.) The fact that I have always stayed true to myself and for my strength for helping me become who I am.
2.) The way I was raised.
3.) Having a job and being able to make my own money.
4.) Being able to attend college and get a degree
5.) Not having to worry about food, having clean clothes, clean water to shower with, not having electricity, etc.
6.) My pets (past & present) because they seriously are there for me in more ways than they will ever know. They provide/have provided so much joy in my life. For the ones that have passed, I am so happy I was able to have them in my life even if for a short time because they brought so many good memories & happiness throughout my childhood.
7.) My family for being so supportive and bringing me up the way I am. I am so glad to have both my parents alive & in my life.
8.) My sister because she honestly is my greatest friend and I can't even imagine my life without her. We have gotten so close over the past few years & I'm so lucky to have her in my life.
9.) My real friends (the very few I have). This includes some new friends I have recently made. Some people have been so helpful, caring, and have tried to help me get through some stuff and have fun as well. I have really needed that.
10.) A certain person at UWG for helping me get through so much when I was feeling the lowest. She has opened my eyes to some of my great qualities and who I am. She made me see some light again when I was in a dark and lonely tunnel. Things may still be hard and I may not know what the future holds, but because of her I have been able to gain more strength. That's the one good thing that came out of all this mess.
11.) My health. I am so grateful that I hardly have to worry about health issues at the current moment. So thankful that I have use of all my limbs & can function without any type of assistance. I can walk with both legs, see, hear, talk, move, breathe, and etc. so I'm so thankful I am generally healthy!

Give Thanks :)

If you're reading this and you celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving AND...THANKS for reading :D

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Attached & Indecisive...

I've known that I don't take big changes very easily unless I'm really comfortable and have control in those changes. I also have known that I'm very indecisive when it comes to a lot of decisions I have to make (big or small). It's not that I like someone making decisions for me, because I don't, like I said I like to be in control of what goes on in my life. However, I spend SO much time outweighing pros & cons for almost EVERYTHING that it gets time consuming. It really is exhausting to constantly have your mind process every decision. I feel like it's similar to that movie with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston, Along Came Polly. Ben is someone who like sees the risks in doing certain things in life with some computer program. My mind is just like that. I try to see what the outcome will be of a certain option in my life. I mean for crying out loud, I literally take 5 minutes to decide what I want from a vending machine or at an ice cream shop.
"Should I try something new?...But what if I don't like something new?...Well you always get that one, so try something different?...Should I even be getting this?...Yes, because you haven't had any in a long time so it's okay...Yea, but you're trying to save money & it's not healthy..." and so on. It's just like the little angel and devil in my head except I don't know which one is right because it's not like my choices are good vs. bad.
So now imagine, if making decisions that deal with choosing ice cream flavors is difficult for me, then think of how hard it is for me to make up my mind for what I want to do in life. BIG HEADACHE
I know I want to be successful and as a matter of fact I know I will be no matter what because I never settle for less when it comes to what I can do. It's just what to do right after college. I honestly don't feel I'm ready to graduate in April 2012. That's so scary! I don't know if I'm ready to just graduate in the spring, have summer to prepare, and then start teaching in the fall. I feel as if I need more time to get everything together and compose myself. School has caused so much burnout and wear on me that I kind of just want a small break. Then, on the other hand I REALLY don't want to leave West GA. This is where the "attached" part comes in. I'm tired of doing school work and being really stressed, but I'm going to miss UWG so much if I leave in April. To be honest I just want to stay and I find it soooooo strange. I remember I wanted to just graduate so quickly just so I could be back in my hometown with all the people I knew & loved there, but once some big changes happened this year, my thoughts have somewhat reveresed. I know I'm going to miss the smallest things that people don't realize and take for granted. It might sound stupid to some people, but I get attached really easily to things that seem so miniscule or unimportant. I'm going to miss going to that gym and taking those zumba classes. I'm going to miss going to that animal shelter because they know me so well. I'm going to miss walking on UWG's campus. I'm going to miss UWG buildings. I'm going to miss the schools and teachers that I met while student teaching. I'm going to miss the few friends I've made. I'm going to miss doing Love Not Litter. I'm going to miss the one person who truly helped me see the greatness in myself and who probably had the greatest impact on me while in college. I'm going to miss the events. I'm going to miss the some of the routines I had while at UWG. I'm going to miss the drive to UWG, even though it seems like a hassle now. I even passed some of my old residence halls on campus the other night & I just thought about how much I missed living in those places because it was somewhat of a comfort to me. I know that probably sounds so weird, but I'm just attached.
So now I'm stuck deciding when I want to start teaching, what I want to get my Masters degree in, when I want to get my Masters, where I want to get my Masters, where do I want to live in the future, if I should stay at UWG to get my Masters, and more.

I guess it's good that I worry over this because it means I care and it means I want to do the best I can in life. However, it's so stressful and I feel that not too many people understand it. Especially people who aren't like me or who are much older than me. It's not as easy as just making a decision and doing it. There's a lot of things that have to be looked through and thought over.
Time is going way too fast and I just need more time to think things over. So, over winter break I have some SERIOUS contemplating to do on my options.

Monday, November 7, 2011

think outside the box.

It amazes me to hear that some people say they are "different" or they have become "my own person" and found out "who I am", yet these people believe just what they are fed. Why do people believe what they believe? Because it's what they've known since birth?!
People who are racist can't be blamed then because they might have just been taught that since birth. Just because you are taught something since birth, it does not mean that you can't think for yourself. I'm tired of people just accepting everything instead of questioning. Even when I take science classes, they say students are supposed to question everything. That's why we make hypothesis, test them, and create theories based on those tests/evidences. But when your reason is "just because", then that's not really a legitimate amount of evidence for something to be so believed or easily accepted in my opinion.
I feel like people are subconciously brainwashed. No one wants to actually think for themself. I think it's important to question everything, even if it does make me look like a radical thinker. At least I am open to learning more and thinking outside the box.
I have an extreme interest in conspiracy theories which started a few years ago. I always had somewhat different thoughts/beliefs than others I was around, but someone really got me into conspiracies and thinking more in depth about life. We were able to have such intelligent conversations about conspiracies, religion, politics, science, and life. He really opened my eyes to these ideas and so much of it seemed to make sense. Now, even though I'm not close to that person anymore (sadly), I still have a real interest in these topics and continue to research them as well.
I remember one day we watched this video on YouTube called "The Obama Deception". Now, realize this, we both voted for Obama and were not against him at all when we were looking for this video. We both loved to watch conspiracies about 9/11 & government involvement with the people in office at that time period. We always looked up videos and websites about those events, so I wanted to look for stuff that went against Obama, just to hear a different opinion. So I searched on YouTube "Obama conspiracies" and found this video. It isn't necessarily bashing Obama, but more like trying to expose the truth about how all presidents are puppets to a much higher power, which is basically the Feds and "New World Order". A lot of the issues seem to deal with money and power. So anyway, we ended up watching this video and talking about how crazy it is that we are just fed lie after lie. Sad thing is, most people eat it all up and believe it. Ever think if conspiracies happened in the past, why wouldn't they happen now? We talked about how scary it is and had a really deep conversation about our thoughts on the issues. I actually really miss those in depth conversations with him. We had a really strong bond through those conversations. That day especially was one that will always stick in my mind because it really opened my eyes. There are not many people that have similar thoughts that I do. Most people are shunned for thinking differently, but just because my thougthts are in the minority, it doesn't make me a bad person. I just question typical ideals that most people easily accept for whatever reason. Remember at one point everyone thought the world was flat and that the Earth was the center of our Universe. Obviously BOTH were wrong ideas. I'm sure the people who disagreed with those ideas were looked down upon, but they were right. Now, I'm not saying I'm right because NO ONE really knows the truth, but I do have the right to question the normally accepted ideals.
I feel like we will only know the truth if we continue to seek the truth through questioning. We are not supposed to be robots, so why do we all have to think like robots?

Friday, November 4, 2011

100% on the right path.

On my 22nd birthday (last Sunday), I was outside with my dad as he did yard work. We had an interesting life conversation and I seriously love having those times with him. I enjoy just being able to talk to him alone about life and hearing his advice. Even though I disagree with him about a few things and sometimes don't understand him, I still have learned so much from him. We talked about the future, relationships, getting married, being in college, careers, decisions, money, having kids, and about being successful. It makes me extremely happy when he tells me that I'm "100% on the right path" and that he knows I'm going to be succesful in whatever I do.
Sometimes people just say that to make people feel like they can get somewhere in life, but not everyone has the determination to be successful in ANYTHING they do. My dad sees my drive, determination, & positive attitude. He knows that whatever I do and whatever I'm passionate about, I put all my effort into it. I don't give up easily if at all. Another thing is, I feel like he is right about it. I just know that my strength and drive will get me there. Not everyone is as motivated as me, so that's how I know it's so very possible.
I'm a realistic person. I set reasonable, yet challenging goals and I work so hard to do all that I can to meet or exceed those goals. I really will not settle for less when I know I can do so much better and set my expectations for myself so high. I know that my hard work that has made me who I am and where I am will definitely pay off. I honestly just have that gut feeling. I don't see failure as an option for me even if things do ever go sour. I'm on the right path & I just know it.
"If the grapes don't sell, I dry 'em up & sell raisins"--P$C (I'm a King)

I am so thankful for who I am and for the values that I've been taught. It's all going to take me so far. :)

"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there"-John Wooden
"I'm the diamond in the dirt that ain't been found"-50 Cent (Many Men)