Friday, April 27, 2012

Looking Back.

So it's officially here, my college graduation. After tomorrow I will have accomplished a big milestone in my life and achieve my undergraduate degree in early childhood education. Now, most people in my situation are or would be ecstatic to be graduating, but me...not so much. Don't get me wrong I am SO excited and proud of myself for reaching this goal and for graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors (3.87 GPA-yay!), but the future is scary to me. I don't really even have the passion in my degree I used to have. I don't know what my next step or what path I'm going to take next. I know a lot of people are going to ask me, "So what are you doing after you graduate?". Honestly, I don't know and I wish I did, but I'm just going to take it a step at a time and have faith in myself that no matter what choice I make, I will be successful. I just have to be patient and optimistic and as always, determined. 

Anyway, I wanted to do a post looking back at my 4 years of UWG and college. I swear it feels like I was just moving into my dorm room in 2008 with my family helping me. It was such a big adjustment and although I did fine, I didn't feel completely connected until more recently. I had so many great memories, laughs, experiences, and friends from UWG. 
So here's a list of all my memories:

-Hanging out with Brittney, Tyrone, & Sabrina freshman year. They were my first group of friends on campus and we had so many laughs, random jokes, late nights, and memories. I'm glad I had them there to share our first year experiences together especially since I didn't know anyone really.
-Pretty much my WHOLE entire sophomore year except for a few things here & there. I feel like my relationship at the time was at a great point, which sucks now, but looking back I truly miss those memories like going to the Heat/Hawks game & New Moon premiere. My classes that year were really interesting and I feel like my mind opened up even more when I took an educational diversity course (my favorite class I've taken). I started volunteering at the animal shelter and with Love Not Litter. Met some great people in the process and found my favorite part of being in Carrollton--working with the animals at the shelter.
-Being co-president of Love Not Litter even though it was difficult and time consuming at times, I still enjoyed it and I like knowing I had somewhat of an impact on the campus and the environment. Plus, I gained leadership experience which helped me a lot.
-The cohorts I had with Amanda & Ruth. They have been my education major friends and it's been helpful to have them to remind me or help me with anything we had to do. We enjoyed some laughs especially with some of the classes we had! I don't think I could've handled working on the file folder project without them for those 10 hours!
-Being at UWG during Summer 2011 and just enjoying little things like living in Arbor View, getting a GTL from Starbucks before class, and my gym routines. I even liked my roommates during summer and of course I lived with them the shortest time period!
-Going to Zumba and meeting Sophia during my senior year. The late night talks we had in the TLC parking lot after zumba and at her apartment after American Horror Story girls nights were so much fun. I felt like I was really able to connect with her and vent/cry to her when I was feeling down about some issues. It really sucks to have to leave after finding someone I could really bond with! 
-Going to all the gym classes I went to like yoga, zumba, krunk, and running the track. I got a lot of stress out at the gym and was able to just let go and have fun in the classes. So glad I made the decision to go to those classes this past year! I'm really going to miss all the fun and excitement in zumba & krunk. I know I won't be able to find that anywhere else!
-My student teaching experiences, even though some weren't the greatest. I met some great teachers and some students that really touched my heart. I honestly think my student teaching experiences have helped me grow a lot as a person because I used to have such a fear to get in front of people, but I became more comfortable and confident. 
-All the times Leila was able to come stay at UWG with me. It was great to show her around and enjoy time with her like when we went to 6 flags, the UWG football game & parade, La Trattoria, power naps and then late night shopping, and me falling out of my desk chair and her laughing at me.
-When Leila & Ashley came to UWG in February of this year. We had SO many laughs and I was so glad to see them both. ZOMBIES! haha
-Living with Tango in my own apartment. Even though living with random roommates is pretty much TERRIBLE and annoying, I still enjoyed being able to have Tango as comfort. I think he made a big difference in my happiness even though that might sound crazy, but he brought me joy! It was amazing to FINALLY have my own bathroom and kitchen.
-Living on my own in general. It's REALLY going to suck to revert back to living at home for a bit. I mean I LOVE Gwinnett and my house and my family, but I'm at the age where I'm just ready to be independent and on my own to be honest. It's going to feel weird to reverse it a bit, so hopefully I can get a job & move out quick!
-Ludacris Concert!!!!! That was my first real concert and I had SO much fun with my friends. We were probably some of the most hype and excited people there. We danced and sang to every song. I wish I could relive it again!
-My on campus job. I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED my job on campus. I seriously am so lucky to have been able to work in such a great environment and with some really amazing people. My supervisor and grad assistant for the program have been like mentors to me. I have gained SO much from knowing them and being around them. They have made a huge impact on me and I greatly appreciate it and will miss them dearly!
-Finding strength in myself the past year and becoming what I am. I still always look back with shock and amazement that I was able to accomplish what I did under the circumstances I had to handle. I made a 4.0 for the past 2 years of college and was an overload student for 1 whole year. So, considering all that went on and still doing so well, I just can't believe it. I'm proud of myself for making it through and although I still struggle, I am getting better with handling those emotions, pains, and downfalls. Pressure Makes Diamonds & I am determined to become that diamond! :)
-Meeting with someone who was probably my BIGGEST impact in college for part of my senior year. I don't talk about this to many people because I don't feel like explaining myself, but she helped me gain my strength and realize I can be okay. I could easily relate to her and I was so shocked how similar our beliefs were. I came to her unsure, broken, and so hurt. I was able to talk about my frustrations, pain, and worries with so much trust. I honestly looked forward to every Friday when I would see her because I felt such a relief talking with her. Having her there to listen and help me process the hurt I felt has saved me I believe. I was at SUCH a low point and she was someone who I could rely on. So glad I had made the decision to make an appointment because it has made a HUGE difference and I am forever grateful for that.

So it's apparent as to why I don't want to leave this great university. I am very attached and have such a valuable time here. I will truly miss it and the people I've come close with, but I will have to visit in the future. West Georgia will always be a part of me and I'm so glad I went here. On to the next chapter...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

not a cookie cutter girl.

A lot of times in my life I have felt VERY out of place. It's a continual feeling I am overwhelmed with. I am so grateful for who I am and that's partially due to the way I was raised and my parents. However, there is something about myself and my sister that sets us apart definitely from people in our age range, but also from just people in general. Maybe this is the reason why I am the nicest person to pretty much everyone and am so willing to help others out, yet I hardly have any friends. I've been used to this though ever since about middle school. I am not some awkwardly social or extremely unfriendly, rude, and careless person. I don't know what exactly it is about my sister and I that makes us so different. Well I could list off the aspects that make us different, but I don't completely know why. I honestly feel like I'm not from this place at times, as crazy as that may sound I feel it's true. I feel a huge disconnect from everyone else. Everyone seems to have the same lifestyles, same beliefs, same type of friends, same personalities, same habits, same addictions, and even the same paths that they follow.
Over the past few years especially more so recently, I have really thought about all this. It's like society creates this idea of how we should be in life. Girls should want to be married with children by mid-twenties, taking care of a husband, cleaning the house, hardly making any money or just being a stay at home mom because "you've got a man you can depend on financially & emotionally" (until  he cheats on you or you divorce), get nails & hair done at least 2 times a month, have lots of shopping trips so you can buy the most up to date trending items out there, and so on. It's like it's supposed to be a destiny for all girls/women to want to have children and feel like that's their "duty in life". They are expected to desire and love those children before they are even born. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't be a great parent because I know for sure I would be. Like I said, I am very loving and take care of people I am hardly close to, so imagine how I am with those who I am close with. I would do EVERYTHING in my capability to give my child/children the best and most stable life possible. Yet, I hardly have the desire to have children. Is that a problem because I'm a girl? When most women look at pictures of babies or talk about their future wedding plans they get so excited or "ooh" and "ahh". I'm more like "ehh whatever cool". Leila and I have talked about this before and about why we are like that. We aren't really sure why, but it's just how we feel. We are young for crying out loud, why should that be our focus anyway?
Do I need to be this cookie cutter way to have a complete and fulfilling life? Do I need to have a extreme desire to want that life?
I'm just tired of girls being pitiful, weak, dependent (especially just on a man) and cookie cutter like because then there are girls like me who don't fit that at all in my opinion. 
One BIG example I hate is when girls complain (not going to use the original word that came to my mind) about how "guys should pay for everything on a date". Ok really?! I think things should be done equally in a relationship. Here's an idea, perhaps try alternating who pays on a date! I also hate when men & women do different "gendered" tasks such as women clean the house, take care of kids, and cook dinner while men just do yard work and make the majority of money for the family. Another thing that I think should be done equally and in an alternating manner or even done together. Is that too crazy of an idea?
I've said this before, but my main goal in life is to be COMPLETELY dependent upon myself in all ways of life. I want to have people there for me if I do ever need them (like my family), but I want to achieve that. My accomplishments in life will mean so much more when I can look back and say "Look what I did!" (key word 'I'). 
I don't need someone to help me unpack at my apartment, I don't need someone to open the car door for me, I don't need someone to walk me back to my place, I don't need someone to pay for me. I appreciate your concern, but I GOT IT!
So to sum this rant all up, I just think in the end it feels so much better if you can reflect upon yourself and your actions and be proud of what YOU did and what YOU accomplished and who YOU truly are.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fear Nothing.

"Your fears are a kind of prison that confines you within a limited range of action. The less you fear, the more power you will have and the more fully you will live."--Robert Greene
Today I picked up a book I've been meaning to read for like the past 2 years called The 50th Law written by 50 Cent (my favorite musical artist & celebrity I look up to) and Robert Greene. When I picked the book up the clerk at the desk said "You know what this is about right? It's about dominating people, blah blah blah".  I was kind of offended because he probably hardcore judged me for my book choice. Plus, it's NOT about dominating people. I already started reading it and loved it within the first few pages. The book is mainly about fear and how to conquer that fear and become more powerful in the process. Some of the famous quotes and concepts in the book are really thought provoking. I feel as though reading this book is going to be highly beneficial to my mindset. I would really love to become a fearless and powerful person. I like to be in control and in charge. I like to be on top of my game. I enjoy depending on myself while others depend on everything and everyone, BUT his or herself.
Anyway, this book got me thinking about fear and how it's used as a way to control. Some people play upon people's fears. This happens ALL the time with government and with religion. He even says in the book, 
"Out of fear, we also developed religion and various belief systems that comfort us. Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion known to man, something deeply inscribed in our nervous system and subconscious."  
It appears as though a vast majority of people have this huge fear of a "higher being" and I'm not sure why. First of all even as parents, we are NOT supposed to have our children fear us, yet respect us. So why do people feel the need to say ridiculous things such as "I only fear God"? Why? What are you doing so wrong in this world that you need to fear some higher invisible being? It's just another attempt at controlling people and playing with their emotions. Fear is what makes you weak. It stops you from being you. It holds you back from opportunities. It makes you dependent. It traps you and confines you.
Everyone has emotions and that's completely natural. We are technically animals, so it's instinct to have fears, but when you let those fears consume you then that's when it becomes a problem. 
I really truly want to begin to live this lifestyle of less or no fear. I typically get a lot of anxiety and fear about things that are out of my control although I've gotten much better. Now, I'd like to look at those situations that bring fear to me and instead of avoiding it, getting anxious, and/or upset, I will deal with it head on. Instead of letting fear and adversity get the best of me, I will find a way to come out stronger and more powerful. I will turn something negative and make it positive. I will not live in a fantasy world, but I will accept reality while working on the aspects that I have control over. 
This might be difficult and somewhat of a process, but I believe that I have the drive, fury, and extreme amounts of desire to go through with this idea of "fear nothing". I don't want to settle for less and I always will want more, so I feel as though this book and all the concepts presented in it are perfect for me, especially at this point in my life.

Fear Nothing.