Sunday, September 30, 2012

it's not right, but it's okay.

I really should be studying for my Math GACE that I have to take in 2 weeks, but I got stuck on teaching myself how to find the antiderivative for a function, so here I am. 

I was just thinking back on things that have occurred in my life and how they made me feel. And I'm finally at the point where I can say "I don't care anymore" and that's the weirdest thing because even when people told me I'd get to this point, I was SO persistent on them being wrong. BUT I was actually wrong, because here I am and I'm definitely okay! Now in no way do I forget what happened or how I felt and I can't say "oh yea I'm perfectly fine with everything" because that's not true. I can never erase any pain I have felt in the past or how that has affected my thinking now. However, I can look back and just be okay. Just like Whitney Houston's song "It's not right, but it's okay...I'm gonna make it anyway". All that happened wasn't right, it never will be and yea that sucks, but it's okay and I am making it. AND I will continue to make it through anything else. 
My attitude has really just changed to a whole "I really don't care anymore" type, surprisingly! I'm done with all that crap honestly. I'm done with caring (in this sense). Deep inside, I know I'm good with me and that's a lot better than what most people can say.
It's just such a heavy burden off my shoulders to just not care anymore, to not let those feelings or thoughts hurt me or have a hold on me anymore. 

I never, ever, ever thought I'd get to this point. Even if I talked/thought about this point in the past, it was just a way for me to try and be hopeful so that I would make it through, but...

Here I am. And here I'll stay. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

& really i think i like who i'm becoming.

Do you ever look back to reflect upon yourself and how you have changed? I feel that not many people take the time to realize how they've changed, because it kind of just happens with time. It's just a given that everyone changes. When you're younger, you plan out like your whole life...I'm going to have this career, live there, be married by this age, and have kids by this age. And as you grow up you realize that's not reality. It's nice to have an idea of where you're going and where you want to go in life, but having every single detail planned especially according to time just isn't realistic. Of course, it takes time to realize that. If you would've asked me 5 years ago about where I would see myself now at the age of almost 23 (woah! sounds SO weird), I definitely wouldn't have imagined this at all (for the most part at least). Sometimes that can be overwhelming to accept, but lately I've found myself okay with things "going with the flow". I've finally realized that I can't control ever aspect in my life as much as want to. I can't control others' actions and feelings. I can't control time or some events in life. However, I can control how I handle those events and my own thoughts/feelings. I can either A) choose to let it get me down, frustrate me, and stop me or B) accept it, even if I don't like it, and keep going. Choice B might take more strength and be more difficult, however it'll lead to a more positive/healthy life. 
I guess it's easy for me to reflect on my past self compared to my current self because I've kept personal summer journals (not a blog, a private hand-written journal) since I was 15. Sometimes I read them and I think, "What the hell was I thinking?" It's somewhat funny, but I suppose it's all a learning process and helped me grow to where I am now and much more importantly where I'm going because there's always room for personal growth. With this whole Facebook Timeline thing I have been able to go look at old posts. I was so angry and shut down a few years ago. Now, I'm totally different. I've almost always been positive about most things in life, but people and situations made me fume with anger. It was stupid now that I think about it. Why was I like that?! I still hold in a lot of anger at times, but I've done so much better with letting it go and moving on. Sometimes the emotion of anger is not worth it. I've said before how my strength during some situations in my life has really surprised me, but I also surprise myself with my attitude and how I handle things now. 

I used to feel so afraid and like I had absolutely no control over anything in my life. That if things didn't go as I had wanted or planned, then life was basically pointless. I just see things so much differently now. At the end of the day, if things don't go as planned, bad events occur, or people I really care about/love let me down, then I still and always will have myself. I've realized, that's enough. Some people can't even say they have that or never will be able to say they have that, so that makes me feel content. 
I will still get upset, angry, hurt, or frustrated every now and then because I am human, but I now see it's okay and it'll be okay. 
It's very reassuring to be able to rely on yourself.

"Really, I think I like who I'm becoming."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I feel that honesty or lack thereof has been a reoccurring issue. I guess everyone finds it so difficult to be honest. But I wish people could just be honest with me, even if it's something that may bother me or upsets me...I'd much rather have the truth. If I could be, I would be completely open and honest with everyone. However, I feel that people get so easily offended and take things the wrong way so it's almost impossible. For me on the other hand, I'd much rather prefer someone to approach me about something they feel, think, believe, etc. If I do something wrong at work, if I offend someone by what I say, if I hurt someone's feelings, if I'm not doing something correctly, if I annoy you, or if something is wrong, then just tell me. As long as you say it in a kind and polite manner, then please tell me! I'd much rather know what the deal is so I can correct it. How can I become a better person with work, relationships, friendships, etc if no one is ever honest with me? That's why I always tell people to be honest with me. That's why I always ask people, "does that offend you?", "did I do that right?", "is everything okay?" I don't just ask those questions just to ask. I truly mean it and I want an HONEST answer. You could hate everything I do and yea it might suck to hear that, but if you at least say it in a mature and polite way, then that's fine. Thanks for being honest. And I really DON'T want to hear something a year later or even a few weeks later. You better tell me how you feel the moment you feel it, because I don't do that whole, "oh yea I was mad a few weeks ago because..." or "I started feeling this way about a year ago..." (like what the hell is that anyway?!) especially if I constantly ask people to be honest with me. That will surely piss me off. Everyone knows I hardly get mad at people and I can contain myself pretty well, but I can only be pushed so far...

I'm tired of people lying to me. I've caught your lies. I'm not an idiot, just so you know. I play like I don't know what's going on, but I know. Trust me, just because I'm quiet and civil, doesn't mean I don't have thoughts. In fact because I am quiet and so observant, I am able to notice all these petty little things. I'm tired of stories being made up. I'm tired of people avoiding things because they can't brave up and be honest. I'm tired of damn excuses. I'm tired of people doing this crap and acting like everything is peachy keen. It's not. It's NOT okay for you to treat someone like myself this way. I'm tired of people taking advantage of my selfless personality. It's a shame on you. I'm tired of people not just coming to me and talking things out with me. Is it that hard?
I swear some people are lucky I'm still in their lives and still kind to them. I question if some people even deserve it. One day when everyone else screws you over, I might not be around and then you'll realize it.