Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Reap What You Sow.

"You reap what you sow."
This seems to be like a popular "karma" type quote, but I didn't really know about it until a few months ago. I was looking for "karma" type quotes like "what goes around comes around", but something a little different and deeper. I came across this one on a random site, had to look up the meaning of reap and I just loved it. Reap is bascially a farming term synonmous to "harvest" when talking about crops. So now I seem to hear this quote all the time, especially in songs. I also think of this quote all the time and say it to myself quite a bit. Although it does have some of the "karma" aspect to it (like you get what you give), I see it in another way too.
Like my previous post, this doesn't apply to everything especially aspects of life you can't control (i.e. other people). I still think it can apply in a lot of areas of life. In literal terms, you harvest or collect crops that you sow/plant. If you planted tomatoes, you wouldn't expect to harvest cucumbers from that plant.

So, in the metaphorical sense, if you put in no effort or dedication into something, then you can't expect extreme success as an outcome. I have noticed a lot of people (especially my age range) wanting to put in little effort, but get the achievement level that actually requires effort. One main example is school. Sure I guess "school isn't for some people", but I also feel like that's just an excuse. Excuse after excuse doesn't really get you far in life. At the end of the day, you can't expect to have wonderful grades if all you do is party and play around in college. These are the people that plant tomatoes and a few months later come back confused because they wanted cucumbers!

This is exactly why I put my all into things that are important to me in life. I follow this way in school, work, relationships with people I care about, etc. 
What is the point of doing something halfway if you want the end result to be success instead of partial success or even failure?
If you want cucumbers, then you have to plant cucumbers! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Newton's 3rd Law

So I was watching So You Think You Can Dance on Hulu the other night and a Delta Airlines commercial came on and it was about loyalty. It automatically got my attention because of the fact that it mentioned loyalty and that word means a lot to me. In the past few months (with the help of a few others) I've realized how loyal of a person I am, so this commercial struck a chord.

"Loyalty is a two way street. And when one side gives, the other has to give back. So every action has a reaction."
It then reminded me of Newton's 3rd Law of Motion.

"For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."
It made me think of how not only is that law applied in the subject matter of physics, but it should be applied throughout life in general. For every effort put out on one side, the opposite side should give the equal amount of effort. If someone puts his/her all into whatever he/she is dedicated to, then perhaps the opposite side will give the equivilent result or reaction. One example of this could be school work and grades or even relationships. The thing about relationships though, is you can't control the other end. You can control your end and hold up your part of the deal, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the opposite end will give an equal reaction. BUT, it should work that way.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Much to Give.

Last night as I laid in my dorm room bed listening to the thunder and watching as the lightening flashed outside, I started to deeply think. I thought about how much I love to give and how I have so much to give. Obviously I don't want to give so much to just anyone, but to the person/people/things I truly love and care about. I still even give a lot and have so much to give to those I'm not that close with. Then it made me realize maybe this is part of the reason I want to teach and why I love volunteering so much. Neither teaching or volunteering comes with much material reward, but I get so much out of giving to and helping others. If I care so much about others I'm barely close to, imagine how much I am willing to give to people I am really close to. 
I miss taking care of someone special. I miss being the one to "save the day" or make that someone's day better. I don't just mean anyone, but someone I truly love. I love the idea that I helped that someone or that I made that someone feel better. It is so simple, yet it is so gratifying to me.
Most people are in relationships and see it more in a selfish way. "What can he/she offer me?", "What will he/she do for me?", etc. Although it is important to include your own needs in a relationship, I see it the opposite way. I care about my happiness, but for me I got happiness out of knowing he was happy because of me. In all honesty I was thinking, "What can I do to make him happy?", "What can I do to surprise him?". At the end of the day, I would be so happy knowing I was the one to make him smile or make him happy. I can't even describe how rewarding that is for me.
I looked forward to the future so much, even as a child. I knew that whoever I married, I would love with all my heart. Therefore, I would give  all of me and put so much effort into the relationship because it means so much to me. I knew that when he was sick, I would be there to make him soup or tea. If he needed to cry, I would be there to hug him and comfort him. If he had a long day at work, I'd be there to cook him dinner and give him a massage. I just knew I wanted to make him proud and happy. As cliche as that sounds, I swear it's true. I don't mind going out of the way for someone I love so dearly.

It's crazy how much I miss being the giver to someone I love. Though there are many people who would be willing to take all my efforts as a giver, I don't want to give to just anyone. I need to be appreciated and my efforts shouldn't be taken for granted. I really don't ask for much (especially material wise); I just want appreciation and time. 
Was/Is that too much to ask for?

"You'll fall, yes you will hit a wall. But get back on your feet & you'll be stronger & smarter. And I know, 'cuz I've been there before. Knocking on your door with rejection (rejection). And you'll see 'cuz if it's meant to be...Nothing can compare to deserving your dreams. It's amazing, it's amazing...All that you can do."
-It's Amazing (Jem)